2013 must have gadgets and other cool things.

Although its only October, a lot of people are already thinking about the Christmas shopping and we know that us blokes are not always easy to buy for.
But have no fear combat is here to help with our top 20 choices from from T3 magazine, not all IT related but still some very cool kit!

1. Bladepad for iPhone 5
Stylish Apple accessory designed for gamers who like to play on-the-go. Includes low-latency gaming controller that slides out when needed with illuminated joysticks and buttons. Additional charging power cable allows you to charge your iPhone/iPad whilst playing so you won’t have to fear your battery’s demise.

2. Breffo Adventure Camera Kit
Introducing the ‘Octopod’ that essentially grips anything with its rubber-coated metal legs whilst attached to your camera via a screw-mount. A handy solution for taking group photos without having to require the help of strangers.

3. Philips Citiscape Downtown
Street-styled headphones with soft memory foam cushions and an in-line mic make these more than just a fabric-based audio-style statement. Their some of the most comfortable on-ear headphones in town with refined sound quality that should make those train journeys endurable.

4. Pocketstrings
If you’re an avid musician but can never find time to practice, we may have found you a solution. Pocketstrings allows you to practice your skills with ease and simplicity, but keeps the volume down.

5. Sleepphones
Crafted from soft fleece, these comfy headbands incorporate integrated headphones that let you sleep soundly without pestering your partner or waking up strangled by a cable. Listen to lullabies or the sound of the ocean for that really relaxing underwater vibe with this pillow-friendly gadget.

6. Swatch Scuba Libre
Embrace the holiday vibe with this colourful timepiece. Inspired by summer-city life, its 200m dive rating means you can swim against both the metaphorical tide of taste and the actual tide of the water.

7. Whistle Activity Monitor
This utility belt is in fact an on-collar device that measures your dog’s activities including walks, play and rest, giving you an idea on your canine’s day-to-day ventures. You can even check-in on your Smartphone to see what your dog is up to whilst your at work.

8. Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming keyboard
The K70 does all of your usual keyboardy sort of things – it types, it has built-in music/video playback controls… it even has customisable LED lighting behind the keys. But this is no mere keyboard – Cherry MX mechanical key switches ensure there’s no key ghosting, WASD keys are textured for easy location in the heat of battle, and there’s even a USB pass-through to attach a mouse or headset. Perfect for dedicated PC gamers.

9. Logitech Fabricskin keyboard
xl_weird and wonderful - fabricskin logitech - web
Three-month battery a near-miraculous, magnetic iPad retention and waterproof keys for adding to those vital spreadsheets and documents when you’re on the beach.

10. Hippih Hipkey
xl_weird and wonderful - hipkey - web
Alerts you should you leave your vital tech behind in a bar after supping just a few ales. Should come in useful on Friday night, oh and probably Saturday too.

11. Kube MP3 player
The world’s smallest mp3 player which churn out six hours of tunes comes with 2GB of storage and could also be painted and used as a dice, at a push.

12. Enigma Smartphone Recovery Pro
Data gone walkies? This USB-looking device will let you back up, view and recover phone essentials, from SMS to contacts to calendar.

13. Nintendo bag
Is it a huge, fabric NES gamepad? no! it’s a satchel large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop or games console with a zipper pouch to keep additional accessories secure.

14. Princip Interactive LED Futuro Cube
Like Rubik’s reinvented for Generation Y, the Futuro Cube uses 54 multi-colour LEDs and 4-channel audio for a puzzle-making experience that can involve touch, shaking or speech to create the pocket-sized fun.

15. Pure Jongo T640B
Adding more colourful alternatives to the Jongo multi-room streaming system, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers can deliver 100 watts for audio power and will play nice with Android and iOS devices.

16. Bladez Toyz Water Blaster
What’s better than flying a helicopter drone around annoying people? Flying a drone that’s equpped with a water pistol of course. Cool off your foes with pinpoint moisture strikes.

17. SolarPod
This briefcase-sized solar generator will see you through extinction events and trips to rural Scotland. An LED strip tells you how much power you have left and with the option to add additional solar panels you can soup up the sun charged energy to last even longer.

18. Combat Creatures Attacknids
Scuttling, disk-firing RC machines will delight kids, terrify arachnophobes. Take your pick from Snyper Dart, Destroyer Spheres and Dissector Discs and with the ability to control up to 40 Attacknids you can stage an all out robot war.

19. Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow
With another harsh winter reported to be on the way this may well just be the perfect gift this year.
Make your foes feel the full force of your balls with this next-gen ice-pelting cannon that has an easy one action mechanism and can be folded away when you not in the line of wintry battle.

20. Ion Air Pro Speed
This action camera records up to 1080p, is waterproof to 30ft and has a wide-angle lense that records in a 170 degree arc. Just clip it onto yourself before you head out for your adrenaline-junkie thrills and spills.

So there you have it, a selection of some of the coolest and most interesting gadgets available, now its time to get shopping!